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Our Treatment Options

Our Treatment Options

Here’s a list of our treatment options, see which one helps you best and give us a call to book


Skin & Nails:  For patients who need to book in for skin or nail treatments. i.e., callus build up/ long nails/ thick nails/ fungal nails/ corns etc.


Nail Surgery: For patients who have problems with persistent ingrown and/or painful toenails that can’t be remedied with conservative treatments. Sometimes, due to your job/ lifestyle/ things beyond your control, your toenails just won’t ever grow in a comfortable way. When this is the case, a permanent toenail removal might be the best options for you. Before the surgery appointment, we get you in to register if needed, then conduct a Pre-op assessment to discuss everything, and make sure you are suitable for the surgery.

The surgery is conducted under a local anaesthetic and by our expert podiatrists. If you’ve had a problem nail for months/ years, you’ll be glad to say goodbye to the pain.


Biomechanical Assessment – For patients who have pain in their feet, ankle, or legs not caused by something obvious you can see on your skin. For example, if you have Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Sprains, Sports injuries and more, we will assess you by looking at your feet & legs, how you walk/ move, find what is causing your pain and give you solutions to improve it. For this appointment, it is best if you wear or bring shorts/ leggings.


Swift Package: Our gold standard treatment package for patients with problem verrucae. Verruca’s can be unsightly, very painful, embarrassing, and spread very easily. Swift is a relatively new therapy that uses microwave energy delivered to the affected area of skin which has the verrucae. Over typically 3-4 treatments, most patients have good results of reduced/ resolved verrucae. The treatment is quick, no dressings are needed, and you can still undertake your normal activities.

If you have been diagnosed by us as having verrucae and we’ve told you you’re suitable for Swift, this appointment is for you. If you have not been diagnosed by us, but suspect you have a verruca, then book New PatientSkin and Nails, or Complete Feet to see us and we will guide you through everything.




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